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Why Use an AFA Contractor?

The “gold standard” of the industry, American Fence Association contractors bring more experience to the table, with an average of 22 years in the business. With this longevity in the industry, AFA contractors bring superior technical and installation skills to each of their projects. The AFA logo by a contractor’s name signifies the adherence to the strictest, industry-leading business and ethical practices standards of honesty and responsibility – as well as having access to over 160 hours of industry-specific educational and training opportunities every year. Contractors with the American Fence Association promise a quality job with high standards, ethics, and professionalism to protect their customers in residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

What Fence is right for me?

When deciding what type of fence is right for you, you should consider a few important factors about your project and its goals. What is the main purpose of your fence? How much maintenance are you available to tend to? Will you need agate in your fence? All of these questions will help you to find out what fence is right for you. Your fencing contractor will be able to assist you in this process.

Are their “green” fencing options?

There are some “green” options in fencing. Vinyl fencing seldom needs replacing, is low maintenance, requires no painting and is quite durable, which helps it last a long time. Vinyl is moisture resistant, so you can use it to enclose pools and hot tubs. Vinyl also comes with many warranties, so it is an excellent eco-friendly choice for “green” living.

There are other “green” options as well. Composite fencing uses a combination of materials to produce a strong and enduring fence made of recycled materials. Composite fences can look just like wood and you can also get theme in the wood color of your choice, such as redwood or cedar. Composite fencing is an excellent compromise between wood and vinyl.

How much maintenance is needed for my fence?

This depends on what type of material your fence is made of. There are many low-maintenance fencing options available. Vinyl is a low-maintenance fencing material. To clean it all you need is a non-abrasive liquid cleaning agent. It also requires no painting. Talk to your fence contractor about maintenance concerns. They will help you to find a fence that fits your needs.

How will my fence change due to weathering?

This depends on material. Vinyl fences will not yellow or fade. Vinyl fencing contains special UV inhibitors in the pigment to prevent sun damage so colors stay true, and the smooth, lustrous finish lasts.

In general, as wood is exposed to environmental elements, it will begin to fade over time if it is left untreated. The extent of the fading depends on the type of wood, the temperature, the frequency and type of environmental exposure.

Composite material is a heavy weight material that helps resist warping, cracking or splitting. This durability also helps to reduce weathering and can help prolong the life and look of your fence.

Do I need permission to build a fence?

Not usually. Most fences – as an addition to an existing property – do not require planning permission. However, this may be different for homes in a conservation area, listed buildings or homes governed by local neighborhood ordinances. Before you make any decisions about building your fence, find out if there are any restrictions or limitations on adding a fence to your property. Examine your deed for easements, review local zoning laws for restrictions and check your Home Owners’ Association guidelines, if applicable.